About Me

To get more of a glimpse of my world, read my diary entries in my Orangutan Conservation project. If you would like to contact me, just send me an email to joannawright@jwuniverse.co.uk

Name: Joanna Wright, aka Jo, aka JW.
Age: As old as I feel.
Occupation: Student in Computer Games Software Engineering. I'm currently on my final year of university.
Hobbies & Interests: Conservation and nature, computer game and website design, reading, drawing, writing stories... dabbling in different Martial Arts... lots of things really! I used to horse-ride when I had more access to the country.
Books Reading: The Natural History of the Orang-utan by Elizabeth L. Bennett
The Traveller's Handbook
Role Models: Rolf Harris - multi-talented extraordinaire. He's an artist, animal-lover, comedian, musician/ entertainer, and generally good guy, all wrapped up in a glasses-wearing bundle. Proof that you can be good at more than one thing.
Terry Pratchett - intelligent, interesting, witty, successful in his career, and has the knack of writing comic fantasy books that are loved all over the world. He also has a passion for saving orangutans, and a fondness for computer games!
Favourite Animal: Don't make me choose!
Favourite Colour: It depends on my mood, but for the sake of sanity let's just say jungle green.
Favourite Flower: Rose and passionflower; they both look and smell really nice, although there are lots of flowers yet for me to see. I also like lotuses.

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